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MAC Lipsticks... Do's, Don'ts and Must-Haves!

For those of you who know me well, you all know how much I adore my MAC lipsticks and they are generally the only lipsticks I use. I have tried lipsticks in the past from Dior, Lancome and Chanel which I have also liked but I just think there is no beating the MAC range. My reasons for this are because MAC have a great selection of colours to choose from, the packaging is sleek and sophisticated and I think taking into consideration the quality of the product; they are a reasonable price of £13.50. I think that's a reasonable price to pay for a product that you will probably end up using most days and will potentially last you a long time. I think it only gets expensive for those of you who are like me and are beauty product obsessed and walk into MAC and want one of everything. I find MAC to be the one store where I go in needing one product and will no doubt always come out 10 minutes later having spent a mini fortune on make up I probably didn't need (but I'm sure I did really need it... right?) Anyway when it comes to lipsticks I don't like to always play it safe, I have many friends that stick to their comfort zone but I'm quite the opposite- I love bright and crazy colours! 

Tried and Tested- These are the colours I have previously bought or are currently in my make up bag. There is a selection of natural nudes and pink tones and a few brighter shades which I love for the summer or special occasions and I would happily recommend all of them as great essentials depending on your needs.


Myth- pale muted peachy beige. *MAC bestseller

Crème cup- a light blue pink, *MAC bestseller

Snob- a ladylike mauve, *MAC bestseller. 

Vegas Volt- full power coral (gorgeous in the summer with a tan)


Dark Side- deep burgundy (I loved this over winter, it gives a really glamourous look especially with smokey eyes)

Pink Nouveau- bright pink, *MAC bestseller 


Hue- a soft pale pink, *MAC bestseller

Future Purchases- These are the colours I am looking into purchasing- let me know what you prefer, I really want some purple toned lipsticks, I think they look great and are definitely an up and coming trend to watch out for!

Cyber- intense blackish purple


Rebel- vivid pinkish purple

Up The Amp- lavender violet (I love this!)

Do's and Don'ts! 
  • Don't Take them on nights out! I never lose anything and yet I have lost 3 MAC lipsticks on different nights out; just don't do it to yourself as I found myself very annoyed! The colours are pretty long lasting so if you apply your colour and just top up with lipgloss it should last you throughout the evening.
  • Do take part in the MAC recycling scheme- 6 empty products = 1 free lipstick... Winner! (I know this is the case in the UK, but for all those in the US or Europe certainly make sure you ask about this) 6 empties may seem like a lot but it is achievable especially if you are a beauty product junkie, I think I have had about 3 or 4 free lipsticks now.
  • Do go for  a Viva Glam Collection lipstick- all proceedings go to charity! Which is great, to read about this more please click here where you will be directed to MACAid.
If you have any recommendations for more colours I should try please let me know :)


  1. Wow I love all of those shades! I've never bought a MAC lipstick, but I was actually thinking of it. I might go for Snob or Myth, they're lovely colors!


  2. They are both great snob is a bit more of a pink which is nice but there are loads to choose from so choose wisely haha :) x

  3. MAC lipsticks are a must! They're rich, highly pigmented and have the best texture out of the many I have tried! Lovely post! & I know... the feeling of losing a MAC lipstick makes my stomach sink. I've lost a few of my own. How, I couldn't tell you, but I hate looking at the bottom of my clutch & not seeing their black shiny casing! xo, Megs

    1. Oh honey I know! Then I can never decide if i should replace that colour or try a new one! x

  4. I wasn't aware that they did a recycling scheme, I love them a litle more now :P

    I'm awaiting my very first MAC lipstick, it should arrive soon, yay! I have a feeling however that it won't be my last, those colours you have highlighed are just divine! I especially like 'Up The Amp', however, it looks very bright!

    Question is if I'm brave enough?

    Amy! x

    1. yes! free lipsticks are great :) thanks for reading xx

  5. I love mac lipsticks! Haven't tried any of those though..I just bought 'retro' yesterday I love its satin finish! My favorite colour is 'media' it looks quite similar to 'cyber' but maybe a bit more plummy, I love it on nights out so glam!

    Great blog! Now following! Would love if you could check out my blog,

  6. I'm off to town today with the aim of buying a coral MAC lipstick!

    The only ones I own so far are the GaGa(the original)and Cyndia Lauper Viva Glam Lipsticks.

    Kate x

    1. ah exciting! I love vegas vault :) thanks for reading! x

  7. if you want a purple lippie, Violetta by MAC pro is the only job! My favourite, however no matter where I store mine it seems to melt which is irritating

    great post! might have to purchase 'Snob' soon.. I'm a lilac addict!
    Aish x

  8. I love pink nouveau and I have been wearing lovelorn daily!


  9. I have three (hug me /creamcup/viva glam 1) and i adore them to :)

  10. I’ll super take note of this tip from you: Don't Take them on nights out! It’s a great help to loosen the space on my pouch.
    ~Pauline @Kallony