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Fallas Frolics

Las Fallas is one of Valencia's biggest tourist attractions. Every year in the week leading up to the 19th of March everybody in Valencia is subjected to 'Fallas' celebrations whether they like it or not! These big (photo bellow) monuments called 'Fallas' all carry political meaning and are placed all over the city to ultimately be burnt. This at first seemed unusual to me as these 'Fallas' cost thousands and thousands and the whole celebration itself costs millions but the tourism it brings to the city compensates. As well as 'Fallas' sound fireworks called 'Mascletas' are set off in the city centre everyday at lunchtime and then at midnight there are sensational firework displays. Of course aside all the tradition it seems like another chance for the spanish to party! The streets are filled with people and it has been very overwhelming.
I am thrilled to have been able to witness this and I urge you all to research it further here Valencia is such a great city it really has it all and I will definitely be doing some more blogs on the things you can do here! So here is your first Diary Delight - FALLAS 2013 - Be there! 
One of the thousands of Fallas.

Even Fashion designers are making an appearance check out the Burberry!
Fireworks at Midnight- View from a friends a friends apartment.
Streets flooded with people roads blocked as Falleros parade through the city wearing traditional spanish costumes.
Plaza de la Virgin- Offering of flowers
 Louis Vuitton- without the price tag!
Phoebe x

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